Part #              Description                                                      Price

HRHHK-1         HYDRAULIC ROLLER HEAD KIT                  $6295

SRHHK-1         SOLID ROLLER HEAD KIT                            $6595

BHH-1              BARE HEADS (EACH)                                   $1445

HRHH-1           HYDRAULIC ROLLER HEADS (PR)              $3595

SRHH-1            SOLID ROLLER HEADS (PR)                        $3895

JRHH-1            JESEL ROCKER SYSTEM                             $2275

PHH-1              CNC PORTING                                               $1200

CAVC-1            CAST ALUMINUM VALVE COVERS             $495

SMVC-1           SHEETMETAL VALVE COVERS                   $795

CVS-1              C.H.E. VALVE SEATS                                    $400

HHTV-1            TITANIUM VALVES (EACH)                          $100

IEV-1                INCONEL EXH VALVES (EACH)                   $63

DE-1                 DISTRIBUTOR EXTENSION                         $125

ARPVC-1         ARP VALVE COVER BOLTS                         $55
VCG-1              VALVE COVER GASKETS                            $60
LVC-1               LIFTER VALLEY COVER                              $345

MSHF-1            MILD STEEL HEADER FLANGES                $60

HSPW-1           HEMI SPARK PLUG WIRE SET                    $135

SSV-1               STAINLESS STEEL VALVES                        $20/EA

302HBK-1        302 ARP HEAD BOLT KIT                             $132

302HSK-1        302 ARP HEAD STUD KIT                             $190

351HBK-1        351 ARP HEAD BOLT KIT                              $148

351HSK-1        351 ARP HEAD STUD KIT                             $245 

351HBKSVO-1 351 SVO HEAD BOLT KIT                             $151

351 SVO HEAD STUD KIT                             $251

351HSKAL-1  ALUMINUM BLOCK STUD KIT                        $305


As of April 1, 2018, all castings will have the HIP process added. Therefore, an increase of $300 has been added to all bare heads, complete heads, and complete head kits.

Complete Hemi Engines

306"-347" (factory block) HR carbureted             $14,700
358"-408" (factory block) HR carbureted             $15,200

302"-363" (Dart SHP) HR carbureted                  $16,700

351"-427" (Dart SHP) HR carbureted                  $17,200 

302"-363" (Aluminum Dart block) HR carbureted $20,500   

351"-427" (Aluminum SVO block) HR carbureted $19,700 

351"-500" (Aluminum Titus Cleveland block)        $Call

EFI upgrade (Holley HP)                                      +$2,500 

Dual Quad and Stack injection intakes                $Call  


Pump Gas Hydraulic Roller engines range from 500HP to 700HP+, depending on combination.

​Hammerhead Performance​Engines

HPE now offers CNC Porting             $1200