Q: What blocks do these Hemi heads fit on?

A: These Hemi heads fit on any OEM or aftermarket 289/302/351W/351C engine blocks.


Q: What intake manifold fits on your heads?

A: Any OEM or aftermarket 302W or 351W intake for the deck height of the block being used.
(i.e. 302W intake on a 302W block).


Q: What is included in the head kit?

A: The Head kit consists of complete cylinder heads, cast aluminum valve covers, valve cover gaskets, Jesel rockers, and a lifter valley cover.


Q: Will my current head studs work with these heads?

A: HPE sells an ARP head bolt or head stud kit specifically for these heads.  It is not available directly from ARP.


Q: Do I need to modify my block to accept these heads?

A: No. There are no modifications required to the block in order to bolt the Hemi heads on.


Q: Will my 351W headers work with these heads?

A: No. These heads have a Yates bolt pattern and will require custom fabricated headers. The port location and bolt pattern are lower on the head, so existing Yates headers will not fit specific car chassis' properly. (In the case of a turbo application, a currently available Yates turbo header will bolt directly on.)


Q: Will I need to purchase a custom lifter to use these cylinder heads?

A: No. Standard lifters will work, however, a lifter with offset pushrod cups will straighten the pushrod some, but may require a little clearancing to the tie-bar and a longer than normal taper on the lifter end of the pushrod.


Q: Can I use my current MSD distributor?

A: Yes, however, all intake manifolds utilizing the OEM water crossover will require a distributor extension kit ($125).


Q: What head gaskets will I need for these heads?

A: Many 302/351 gaskets are compatible with these heads. I prefer using Cometic MLS Gaskets.


Q: Do I need custom plug wires to use these heads?

A: Yes. Moroso Part# 73841. These are available in many colors.


Q: How much higher will my intake manifold be with these heads?

A: The intake manifold will sit about 1.375" inches higher than normal.


Q: Do these hemi heads require a custom cam shaft?

A: No, for Small Block Ford engines. However,  LS engines will require a custom camshaft ground with the lobes reversed from OEM. Comp Cams and Bullet Cams can offer this.


Q: Do I need custom pistons?

A: Yes. Diamond, JE, CP, GibTec, and DSS are currently making pistons for these heads.