Q: What blocks do these Hemi heads fit on?

A: These Hemi heads fit on any OEM or aftermarket 289/302/351W/351C engine blocks.


Q: What intake manifold fits on your heads?

A: Any OEM or aftermarket 302W or 351W intake for the deck height of the block being used.
(i.e. 302W intake on a 302W block).


Q: What is included in the head kit?

A: The Head kit consists of complete cylinder heads, cast aluminum valve covers, valve cover gaskets, Jesel rockers, and a lifter valley cover.


Q: Will my current head studs work with these heads?

A: HPE sells an ARP head bolt or head stud kit specifically for these heads.  It is not available directly from ARP.


Q: Do I need to modify my block to accept these heads?

A: No. HPE require no modification to the block in order to bolt on.


Q: Will my 351W headers work with these heads?

A: No. These heads have a Yates bolt pattern and will require custom fabricated headers. (In the case of a turbo application, a currently available Yates turbo header will bolt directly on.)


Q: Will I need to purchase a custom lifter to use these cylinder heads?

A: No. Standard lifters will work, however, a lifter with offset pushrod locations would be more desirable.


Q: Can I use my current MSD distributor?

A: Yes, however, all intake manifolds utilizing the OEM water crossover will require a distributor extension kit.


Q: What head gaskets will I need for these heads?

A: Many 302/351 gaskets are compatible with these heads. I prefer using Cometic MLS Gaskets.


Q: Do I need custom plug wires to use these heads?

A: Yes. Moroso Part# 73841. These are available in many colors.


Q: How much higher will my intake manifold be with these heads?

A: The intake manifold will sit about 1.375 inches higher than normal.


Q: Do these hemi heads require a custom cam shaft?

A: No.


Q: Do I need custom pistons?

A: Yes, Diamond, JE, and BSS are currently making pistons that are for this head.