•  Bolts on to any 289/302/351w, 351C, and LS Chevrolet engines, 4.00" bore or bigger                   

  • Accepts any existing Windsor style intake manifold

  • LS engines will require a Hogan Sheet Metal, Billet, or modified cast intake manifold

  • Comes with 2.200”/1.650” Competition Stainless Steel valves

  • Sets up to as much as 2.150” Installed Height (will accommodate big lift cams)

  • Has 63cc combustion chamber as cast

  • Uses a Jesel shaft mounted rocker system (1.65-1.9 ratios available)

  • Has a Yates C3 exhaust bolt pattern 

  • Uses FelPro 1262R intake gaskets or similar

  • Comes with cast aluminum “Hemi style” valve covers

  • Uses Flatout valve cover gaskets

  • Has .700” thick deck for power adder applications

  • Has raised intake ports for more direct flow to the valve

  • Flow numbers are 392/intake and 275/exhaust as cast and up to 472/320 ported

  • Will require distributor extension with most intake manifold

  • Uses standard ¾” reach, gasket style spark plugs

  • Overall width of 9.5 deck engine is 27.5", 8.2 deck is 26"

As of April 1, 2018, all castings will have the HIP process added. Therefore, an increase of $300 has been added to all bare heads, complete heads, and complete head kits. your paragraph here.